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Integrative Therapy

Traditional & Modern Science for Psychological Treatments

+ Ayurveda

+ Shiro Abhyanga

+ Yoga Therapy

+ Vedic Psychology

+ Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

+ Telemedicine - Immersion Therapy

+ Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT)

+ Cognitive Behavioural healing (CBH)



Let's first make you feel better by healing your brain.


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Lab at HealOurMind

Face Your Fears: Exposure Therapy, VR-Enhanced

Introducing Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) a form of exposure therapy that uses technology. Exposure therapy seeks to help decrease the intensity of the stress responses you might have to situations, thoughts, or memories which provoke anxiety or fear.  Virtual reality exposure (VRE) therapy has emerged as a new modality to deliver exposure therapy, using interactive simulations to help patients face previously avoided stimuli, situations, thoughts, and memories. HealOurMind VR lab is powered by proprietary virtual reality exposure therapy software platform for mental health care and Microsoft Mixed Reality Hardware.

Healing Therapies Available

OPD - Integrative therapy for psychological disorders

Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga and Vedic Psychology



Full - Time
integrative therapy treatment for  
now available

Virtual Reality Exposure and Integrative Therapy


Ayurveda Massage

Shiro Abhyanga

Introducing Shiro Abhyanga massage which involves messaging the head, neck and shoulders with warm herbalised oil to calm and balance your mind and nervous system. Highly recommended for people suffering from Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Insomnia and Anger. 

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