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Virtual Reality

Exposure Therapy

Powered by Microsoft Virtual Reality Platform

Man in VR Scene

VR Exposure Therapy for Mental Health

Introducing state of the art virtual reality exposure therapy platform to treat mental disorders. With VRET, experts combine VR technology with exposure therapy to mimic any triggers, stressors, or fears you may have, exposing you to them through a VR headset. 


Powered By Mixed Reality VR

State of the art Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Platform is powered by PTSD Studio 3, ​your guided mental health workout platform to heal Anxiety, Fear, Stress and PTSD symptoms. PTSD Studio 3 is powered by Microsoft Mixed Reality Virtual Reality Hardware.

Woman in VR Room

What Does Virtual Reality Therapy Treat?

Virtual reality (VR) uses technology to swap real-life environments with made-up ones that look real. That’s called simulation. Exposure therapy helps you face your fears in a safe environment. It’s used to treat:

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